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Scottsdale Tennis Week

Tennis Week Tournament in Scottsdale Arizona

Tennis is a sport played with the racket and is played by an individual with an opponent. Each player is using a racket and has to strike a rubber ball into the court of the opponent. The main objective of the game is to make your opponent not be able to return the play. Tennis is loved by many people all around the globe and is also known as the Olympic sport as well. There are many tournaments played which are very popular such as the Grand Slam and French Open. As it is one of the most popular games in the world, it is also one of the attractions of the Scottsdale Tennis Week.

The Scottsdale Tennis Week takes place in the last week of March every year in the Heart of Scottsdale. It is a four-day event which combines the best tennis professional matches and accompanies mouthwatering culinary delights and live musical performances for an amazing experience. Its major attractions are the alumni players from the Arizona Universities featuring for a day. While showcasing the game of tennis which is shown by the talented players of tennis there are many other themes which have been selected each day to make everything very interesting for you. All of this entertainment is also for a wonderful cause. The funds or proceeds are for the welfare of the local non-profit Lerner and Rowe Gives Back and the other organization known as LovePup Foundation.

It also has many celebrities scheduled to appear during the 4 days of the Scottsdale Tennis Week. It is generally scheduled to take place at the Fashion square in Scottsdale on the Corner of the Scottsdale Road and Highland avenue. Many celebrities, athletes and professional players can be seen visiting this event. The winner of the event gets a grand Prize of $5,000. In many events you can see celebrities from the local area participating for the prize of $10,000 and they are allowed to choose the charity organization, which they want the proceeds to go to.

Along with the games and the Pro tennis exhibitions you get to indulge yourself in the culinary options and entertainment which has been included in the Scottsdale Tennis Week. The tickets for the interested people for general admission is $50 approx. and the VIP tickets cost around $250 per day.

This week not only gives you the opportunity to watch your favorite sport but also gives you the option to enjoy along with your family and friends and indulge in all day long events of entertainment and culinary delights. It is a very unique event for everyone in the Valley at the event in Scottsdale. You get to watch the high-profile players competing for a good cause and showcasing their skills. The restaurants on-site include the locally owned brands such as the Lo-Lo’s Chicken and Waffles and Sauce and many other lip-smacking treats. It is an action-packed day to day experience for the visitors. Not only tennis, it includes the yoga sessions included with music brunch, and beer and a lot more for just at a cost of $100.

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