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Best Platform Tennis Balls

What are the Top Paddle Tennis Balls? Wilson, Viking, Xenon?

As you already know not many people shop around paddle balls. All of us are in a habit of whatever ball our partners play with or buy whatever is available at the club store. However, let just assume that you get a chance to purchase the ball of your choice.  Shopping for tennis balls can seem very easy but it is not as easy as it seems. Listed below are some of the best Tennis balls lists along with that you will also come to know what are the basic features or qualities you need to look for in a good tennis ball.

Top Platform Tennis Balls List

1. Viking-Yellow-Platform-Tennis

One of the best-known tennis balls which are known for its excellence and durability is the Viking-Yellow-Platform-Tennis balls. It is the best tennis ball which has been in the market since the year 1999. The very advanced flocking process enhances the durability and it feels very soft and has a very consistent bounce.


  • Sport: Tennis
  • Color: Yellow.


  • Available since 1999.
  • The sleeves have 3 balls.
  • It provides the player long lasting balls as they are known for their durability.
  • Color Yellow.
  • 24 sleeves -72 balls.
  • Not many color options.
  • Color of the ball may fade.
  • They are platform paddle tennis balls and hence are very different.

2. Wilson-EXD-Platform-Tennis-Balls

The Wilson EXD Platform Tennis Ball has a top of the class durability and provides you with excellent playing conditions for professional platform tennis players. It is coated with neon fluorescent yellow which provides exceptional visibility and brightness. The ball is manufactured from a unique rubber compound which provides continuous bounce for a long-lasting time.

The Wilson -EXD has enhanced the game in a major way because of these EXD tennis balls. It is a huge step in terms of much softer and better bounce of the balls. However, this ball has a small hiccup that it does not warm up very soon and it does not have that bounce during the cooler seasons. The performance can be given a top ranking along with its durability during the dry weather. The performance of the ball is one of the most important aspects of this tennis ball. The price of the ball is approximately $11.99


  • APTA approved.
  • EXD Technology.
  • Lasts 2-3 times longer than the other balls in the market.


  • Amazing levels of durability.
  • It is approved by APTA.
  • Neon fluorescent yellow coating which makes it exceptionally visible in every condition.
  • 2 platform balls included in the packet.

3. Xenon Paddle Platform Tennis Ball

It’s one of the most recent entries to the tennis ball market and was an instant hit. Let’s talk about the disadvantages first. The ball seems to be a bit deadlier than the other balls. It can fly away if there is a little spin in the shots. However, their performance can be easily forgiven looking at their durability. Many players have backed the theory about durability. Their performance does not alter in dry or wet condition. Thus, it makes these tennis balls pretty impressive.


  • 2 balls per sleeve
  • It is bright yellow in color
  • Holds color and has great durability.


  • Has an amazing performance.
  • Durability and performance in dry condition is top class.
  • Durability and performance in wet conditions is amazing.
  • Price is approximately $10.99 for a pack of 2.

4. Viking-Extra-Low-Bounce-3-Ball-Sleeve

Viking balls are the official balls for all APTA events and are dedicated in enhancing the game of tennis by continuous enhancements in tennis paddles, bags, balls and accessories. This tennis ball is ideal for warmer weather and high-altitude conditions.  This ball is available with all Viking dealers and is generally yellow in color. This low bounce ball fits perfectly when you are training beginners or juniors. This low bounce ball makes the Viking the most extensive line of balls in the sport of tennis.


  • Quantity: Pack of 2.
  • Bounce: It has a lower bounce.
  • Color: Yellow.


  • This tennis ball is ideal for warmer weather and high-altitude conditions.
  • It has a lower bounce that seems a bit dead.
  • It is perfect for training juniors and beginners.
  • Available in a pack of 3 balls per box.
  • Imported from the USA.

5. Master-Athletic-Platform-Tennis-Balls

The only goal which the manufacturers had in mind was to make the best ball with the advanced technology. This tennis ball has the durability which is world class and delivers the best performance.


  • Color: Yellow.
  • Design: Technologically advanced.
  • Manufacturer: Master Athletics.
  • Quantity: 2 or 3 balls per box, depends on the price.
  • Price: $11.99


  • 2 Platform Tennis Balls each box.
  • Has maximum durability for long lasting games.
  • It has a high visibility, as it is optic yellow in color.
  • It allows the player superior performance and consistent bounce for a perfect performance.
  • It is approved by the APTA for league games.

Features of a Good Tennis Ball

When you are looking for a professional level ball you need to check some of the important features of the tennis balls which are available in the market to find the tennis ball which you are looking for.


The manufacturers of all tennis balls produce three classes of balls, professional, championship level and recreational level. The ones which are the best are the professional level tennis balls. These are very good in quality and are used in professional level matches of tennis. When you buy these tennis balls you can get great performance and durability which you expect out of the best tennis balls. The next level of tennis balls is the championship level balls. They are good enough for most of the league matches and have satisfied many tennis players. The last but not the least comes the recreational balls which are mostly the balls which are known as practice balls which are loaded up on the ball machines for practice and are not used in any league matches ever.

Extra Duty/Regular Duty/High Altitude

Every professional and championship level tennis ball provides its balls extra duty, regular duty and high-altitude options. It seems complicated but extra duty is just a tennis term. These balls are generally used in hard courts. While the regular balls are generally used for indoor court games. High altitude is the feature as these lightweight balls are known to suit the thin air in the courts which are high altitude.

Extra Durability

You must have watched many professional matches where you would have seen that after every nine games later the ball is being changed. Hence, the life of the ball is very short. Many experts have said that once a ball is opened the can of balls can last for only a couple of weeks. This age limit is when it is not played. Keeping them would only wear them down.

Elbow ease

There is a history of war against the Tennis elbow. Players facing this issue should be very careful while choosing the ball for themselves.


Tennis balls are manufactured by numerous brands but in the USA and Europe there are many well known companies such as Wilson, Masters, Vikings & Xenon that can be chosen as tennis balls without any doubt in your mind. These are premium brands which never let you down.


There are four main types of Tennis balls. These are:

  1. Type 1 (for use on fast surfaces, such as grass).
  2. Type 2 (for use on standard-speed surfaces, such as hard courts).
  3. Type 3 (for use on slower surfaces, such as clay).
  4. Type 4 -High altitude (to travel faster and create a higher bounce).


Features Type 1 (Fast) Type 2 (Medium) Type 3 (Slow) High Altitude
Size 6.54 – 6.68 cm 6.54 – 6.68 cm 7.00 – 7.30 cm 6.54 – 6.68 cm
Mass 56.0 – 59.4 g 56.0 – 59.4 g 56.0 – 59.4 g 56.0 – 59.4 g
Forward Deformation     0.56 – 0.74 cm 0.56 – 0.74 cm 0.56 – 0.74 cm 0.56 – 0.74 cm
Return Deformation 0.74 – 1.08 cm 0.80 – 1.08 cm 0.80 – 1.08 cm 0.80 – 1.08 cm
Rebound 138 – 151 cm 135 – 147 cm 135 – 147 cm 122 – 135 cm


Factors to Consider

The level of playing can be divided into Occasional or intensive play. Or a pressureless or a pressured ball.  It is totally depending on your choice of tennis ball when you play the game. The choice of game depends on many factors such as level of playing, time spent playing on the court and technicality of the tennis ball used. Listed below are some things which can affect your game.

  • Playing Level with Pressure less balls
  • Playing level with pressured balls.
  • Playing duration.


From the above list of best tennis balls discussed above you can understand that Viking-Yellow-Platform-Tennis are the best. They have been available since 1999, so there is a trust ability factor involved as well. The sleeves have 3 balls. It provides the player long lasting balls as they are known for their durability. It is available in bright yellow color and is good for visibility. So before buying take your time, compare the different options available. Do proper research and then purchase the tennis balls you wish to buy.

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